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USPA is the international team of professionals gathering into an exporting company with core
business in supplying of fresh and frozen fruits, berries to 42 countries mainly within South-East Asia, India, Middle East, Europe, Africa regions. We are well known in supplying fruits, berries, chicken eggs, sunflower oil and agricultural commodities around the globe, mainly from Ukraine, but also from other Central Eastern European countries. Our main goal is to arrange the supply chain directly from the farm to the customer. The fundamental experience in quality control, logistics and trading we have been highly evaluated by our customers withing dozens of countries.
USPA prides itself in growing the businesses of our partners who we are happy to cooperate and to have close relationships with for the years

Why our food

Moderate continental climate in Ukraine and its fertile soils composition contribute to the production of apples of high commercial quality. Agro-climatic condition surrounding our apple farms is a key factor that impacts growth and development of the apples. The apple trees are tedious and require a specific number of chilling hours below +7 °C for the best growth and high productivity. However, extreme cold can result in damaging the apple crops. Also sufficient sunshine is required for healthy fruit to gain an attractive color.

Due to the special climate conditions in Ukraine our apples have intense natural flavor, high sugar content as well as rich color and aroma.

Ukrainian foods and agricultural products are worldwide known thanks to high quality and intensive taste given by the nature!

Planting and growing

Apple trees planting material was imported from the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. We assure the conformity of the perennial trees to the stated pomological varieties.


Our producers grow apples adjusting their size, color, weight and shape naturally according to the needs of our customers.


Every apple is handpicked to ensure its integrity


Apples characteristics are analyzed after being harvested to correspond the required indicators. We store our apples using advanced controlled atmosphere fruit storage technologies to prolong their quality.


The USPA Trademark received official protection in the EU


USPA is an officially registered trademark in the EU and Morocco for foods!

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USPA enjoy to FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 exhibition in Berlin for the 6th time

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USPA support Ukrainian farmers


USPA is a partner of the 9th International Charitable Scientific and Practical Conference "Successful Gardening, Vegetable Growing and Processing: Technologies and Innovations. We learn to win!", which will take place on October 26-27, 2023 in Ukraine.

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