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Volodymyr Gurzhiy, USPA FRUIT LLC, took part in the annual Amsterdam Produce Summit, which was held on November 12-14 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
This year, the Amsterdam Produce Summit was devoted to Strategies for successful work with retail chains with significant focus on omni channels, thus key suppliers of fruits and vegetables to retail chains from around the world became participants of the summit.
Sales of fresh products of the future — the main thesis of the summit, as well as fruit suppliers should build their work when introducing in retail the principle of «take & go», based on the standardization of goods, automatic payments and identification of customers, coupled with an increase in the speed of sale.
The participants and speakers of the summit, separately, discussed the role of suppliers from Ukraine — the future key player in the global market of fresh fruits and vegetables, which already confidently occupy space on the shelves of supermarkets.
“We are pleased that USPA FRUIT plays an important role in this process, actively supplying Ukrainian apples to the world’s largest retail chains, aggregating thousands of tons of high-quality apples from Ukrainian farmers in packaging adapted for efficient sales in modern retail chains. Juicy, crispy Ukrainian apples with intensive taste and aroma are increasingly preferred by consumers who have tried them at least once. The mission of USPA FRUIT is to change the production and supply of fresh produce, to promote the widest possible marketing of Ukrainian apples on world markets, along with convenient modern packaging and excellent service, ”said Volodymyr Gurzhiy.

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