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USPA Fruit represented Ukrainian apples in Hong Kong


USPA Fruit participated in Asia Fruitlogistica 2018 the largest exhibition of fresh fruits in the Asia-Pacific region. The booth was organized by the Ukrsadprom Association with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the USAID (USA) Agency.

During the exhibition, USPA Fruit managed to negotiate with potential buyers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Qatar and other countries. The red apples from USPA Fruit, as well as authentic Ukrainian green apples of the variety Renet Simirenko, were especially popular. Importers from India made pre-orders in excess of 10 thousand tons annually.

Just after the participating in Asia Fruitlogistica 2018, USPA Fruit Company arranged the first deliveries of Ukrainian apples to five new customers in the Persian Gulf, both on their own contracts and in cooperation with their European partners. The contarct with Indian importers have been signed during the first week after the event, so the first shipments are coming to India in January 2019 just once this market is open for the Ukrainian apples.

That was a third time for USPA Fruit participating in the world’s largest Fruitlogistica and Galfood exhibitions for the purpose of actively promoting Ukrainian fruits on the world’s largest markets. USPA Fruit agreggates large batches of crispy, juicy, high quality and selected fruits grown by Ukrainian farmers on it’s request.

Despite on big number of the containers in work, USPA Fruit supervise every unit of the shipment in order to provide it’s partners-importers with the highest quality product from the cold store to the shelf.

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